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Projects are broken down by state with the listing of the projects under each state, just click on the project name and you will go to that project's download page. Before downloading any surveys please read our Data Disclaimer.



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Select a Project Name, or Click a Project Location to view downloads.

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FL Overview Map
FL Overview Map


Select a Project Name, or Click a Project Location on the map below to view downloads.

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Channel NameState
Louisiana GIWWLouisiana
Florida GIWWFlorida
Mississippi GIWWMississippi
Alabama GIWWAlabama


Survey Reach
Available Downloads
Chandeleur Disposal Area8/29/2007CHAND082907.pdfCHAND082907.zipCHAND082907.dgn
Gulfport borings9/1/
Gulfport Disposal Area 18/12/2009DA1081209A.pdfDA1081209A & XYZ.zipDA1081209A.dgn
Gulfport Disposal Area 33/10/2009DA3031009A.pdfDA3031009A & XYZ.zipDA3031009A.dgn
Gulfport Disposal Area 55/16/2009DA5051609A.pdfDA5051609A & XYZ.zipDA5051609A.dgn
Gulfport Disposal Area 5 #25/16/2009DA5051609B.pdfDA5051609B.zipDA5051609B.dgn
Gulfport Disposal Area 76/22/2009DA7062209A.pdfDA7062209A & XYZ.zipDA7062209A.dgn
Gulfport Disposal Area 76/22/2009DA7062209A.pdfDA7062209A & XYZ.zipDA7062209A.dgn
Gulfport Disposal Area 7 #26/22/2009DA7062209B.pdfDA7062209B.zipDA7062209B.dgn
Gulfport Disposal Area 97/16/2009gulfport da9.pdfgulfport da9 & XYZ.zipgulfport da9.dgn
Gulfport Disposal Area 9 #27/16/2009gulfport da9b.pdfgulfport da9b.zipgulfport da9b.dgn
Gulfport Littoral Disposal Area4/15/2009LITTORAL041509A.pdfLITTORAL041509A & XYZ.zipLITTORAL041509A.dgn
Littoral Zone6/4/2007Y2M925b.pdfY2M925b.zipY2M925b.dgn
Littoral Zone Disposal Area8/27/2007LIDA082707A.pdfLIDA082707A.zipLIDA082707A.dgn
Littoral Zone Disposal Area b8/27/2007LIDA082707B.pdfLIDA082707B.zipLIDA082707B.dgn
Rigolets 78/24/2011GRig7 C 082411.pdfGRig7 C 082411.zipGRig7 C 082411.dgn
Sand Island Berm Project, 1 of 210/23/
Sand Island Berm Project, 2 of 28/8/
W91278-14-B-0006-GULPORT07/21/2014GB070914C_COMBINED.pdfGULFPORT BAR CROSS SECTIONS (635+00-970+00).pdfGULFPORT BAR (635+00-970+00).zip
W91278-14-B-0006-MOB07/21/2014MB070214C_COMBINEDf.pdfMOBILE BAR CROSS SECTIONS (1885+00-2139+00).pdfMOBILE BAR (1885+00-2139+00).zip

The Hydrographic Surveys provided by this web site are to be used for informational purposes only and should not be used as a Navigational aid. Channel conditions can change rapidly and the surveys may, or may not be accurate.

Hydrographic surveys are available for download in two formats, Bentley's Microstation .DGN format and in a .DXF format. They will also be viewable in PDF format.